Thursday, July 25, 2013

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis ... boo

Running is off.
After having severe pain in my left foot for two weeks, I found a sports medicine dr in Richmond and made an appointment. I wasn't able to run and wanted to be able to find out what the issue was on my left foot.

It was pain on a scale of 6-7 and I couldn't run or walk more than 5 minutes without pain. Standing up for long periods of time hurt and it was swollen.

As he looked at the foot he pretty much knew right away it was posterior tibial tendonitis.

My first question:
"Can I run the Richmond Marathon?"

Richmond Marathon

"There's a low likelihood of that," he replied. To which I had already realized. I didn't want to do my first one undertrained. I wanted to crush it.

"What about a January marathon?" I asked?

"That seems more likely," he said.

I told Brandon and he said maybe I was supposed to be a swimmer. And that he felt really bad for me. He tried to be positive since he knew I was so disappointed.

I have physical therapy this Friday and will need to get either soft or hard orthotics. I have done zero running and just weight lifting and swim workouts.

And honestly I am very sad. I had plant. fasc. two falls ago and this just echoes those feelings of loss and time spent not getting to fulfill my post-baby marathon goal.

However, I am hopeful that I will recover quickly and keep my fitness level. And thankful that I found a great doctor since we had just moved.

“Finally, I could see with startling clarity that the time I had spent experiencing pain on a run was outweighed by the amount of time that I felt good about it. I was aglow. I was invincible. I was thinking I might be able to do it again.” 
― Alexandra HeminsleyRunning Like a Girl

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chai popsicles

 I am so wanting to try chai popsicles! I loved these chocolate milk popsicles and pudding pops. I purchased the popsicle molds from Amazon. Maybe this weekend? They are seriously the best thing since Lululemon after a workout.
Speaking of workouts. I would love to be seeing this sight in the morning after a long run. This week was supposed to be my first week of marathon training and I even got a purple racer back tank from Lululemon as my marathon outfit. On sale and last one in store! 
RUN:Swiftly Racerback
But, my foot has been aching after a treadmill run of speed intervals. Cool news - I have never ran a 5:40 pace on the treadmill. Bad news - I have never done that pace, I had just done a speed workout four days prior, and I was not wearing socks. And I was recovering from strep. 

So, I am not sure where my foot leaves me for the November race. I have a doctor's appointment with a sports doctor tomorrow. If I have to push back my race I will - maybe Disney Marathon in Jan? The only thing is it's 98 percent full. I just hope it's not plantar fasciitis, which kept me from my last half marathon. 

 Here's Ry Ry and I at the beach! My sweet niece and nephew went with us and my lovely mom!

Sweet bottom boy. 

The drive there. 

Red Robin fries. Just do it. Andrew, Livi and Ava and Soph. 

I came home and Brandon was wearing my volleyball pin from high school. You know the era of big hair. Shame Erin. Shame. 
 Andrew's new shirt. We loved it.

 The game of Things. Have you played it? It's so fun! There are questions like "Things You Shouldn't do at a hospital" and then you write down your answer and people guess who said what.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little boy turns one

Our little Ryder Lee turned one May 30 and here are some of the fun things we did. We had a very low key dinner of spaghetti and then fruit and presents and cupcakes. I was so excited for the cupcakes. 

I preordered them. I had a special one for Ryder. The names like mexican chocolate and red velvet had me so excited. But alas they really were bad. They tasted processed and we actually didn't even eat like 4 of them. Party foul. 

One of Ryder's favorite gifts was a plastic cup with a straw. We presented him with it as a welcome into our "smoothie club." He loved it and loves drinking smoothies with us since he rarely drinks his milk. 

Brandon also got him a monster truck and we got him clothes and a car. Really low key and sweet. Love you Ry Ry! 

 Happy Birthday baby boy! 

To Ohio we go.

 We started the week prior to July 4th by visiting my parents in Ohio. This golf cart was a huge hit.
This hole in our living room had us ready and willing to leave.
 The problem was a broken shower pan. Boo.
 Brandon loved his guys camping trip in VA that he had planned with Dave and some other guys.
 Cows that they saw along their way.

After strep, a celebration movie to commence out of the house activities. And these snack packs were only 2.50! Monday score!
 I could just kiss these guys - we really miss seeing Charlotte and Ethan all of the time.
 My kids are in bed mocktail - mint water.
I got to meet my sweet friend Jess and run for 5 (3 with Jess and then 2 by myself).

 Cotton candy break at Red White and Boom in Cbus.

 Lydia and Sophie
 Aunt Becca gave us the sweet hookup and it was an awesome place to watch the fireworks.

 Adam loved playing football.

 Ava loved jumping on the bouncers. Sophie did not. :)

 Summerteeth from Columbus Brewing Company.

Sweet Lydia!
 On the long trip to Ohio we stopped at Sandstone New River Gorge visitor center. It was so beautiful. There were a ton of signage for black bears.

 We had our lunch here and pretty much didn't want to leave.

 Yep. We wore our pjs the whole trip. It was kind've awesome.

 Ryder was so glad to be out of the car seat.