Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ann's shower_ party hardy

Ann's shower

Here are pics from Ann and Tommy's shower at Radiant Life Church. They are adopting Lola. Congrats guys! We are so happy for you. I wish i could have gotten more pics, but soph was a little fussy that day.

Zoo 2!


Amy, Caroline and Isabelle on the train
Me, Tate, Ty, Ava and Shannen

Little Tate who is a little older than Sophia.

Ava and Brandon on the train ride. My favorite.

We got to go to the zoo the other weekend. It was gorgeous outside and hot. Around 8oish. We drank lots of water and had a really nice time with our friends.

Fun week

Ava last Sunday in her sun dress (when it was 80) and rain boots. She must have been a weatherwoman because it's been raining all week.
How sweet, she picked my pansies.
Sophia ate cereal and bananas for the first time. She really does it well. We waited until 6 months with Ava, but Sophia was really acting like she wanted to try it out. The only thing is Ava says, "Mine!" because Sophie was using her spoon. We got her some new spoons today.

More easter egg party pics

Here's what you get when you try to get all of the kids to take a picture together.
Sophia smiling while we color eggs.

Jacoby, Amber and Landon

Logan reaching for the eggs to dye.

Georgia, Sophia and Ava trying to hug each other

I am wayyyyy behind on posting pictures. Here's the rest of the pics from the easter egg party. Sarah did such a great job! The little cupcakes were adorable.

Easter egg party

Here are the pics from the Easter Egg party for Logan. Denise and Parker are above.
Ava, erin and Sophia dying eggs
Jess and little Eli. He's so small and sweet.

The finished product!

Ava dying eggs.

Easter bunny

Our two girls in their polka dot dresses.
Happy Easter

Sophia and daddy. Sophie was not in a good mood. She was tired.

Shmidt fam

More pics

Mommy and Sophia getting the girls ready for bed.
Ava and Sophia in their Easter dresses.

Cute Sophia

Easter weekend

Easter egg basket. Ava went for all of the eggs with no problems. We did it in the afternoon- Sharon and I tossed the eggs out and were surprised at how well she did getting all of the eggs.
Brandon, Sophia and Poppa Shmidt before church.

Ava getting her eggs by the spring flowers.

Momma, Brandon, Sophia and Poppa Shmidt taking pictures.

This was Ava when she saw the eggs. I was so excited to get this picture.

Easter weekend_butterfly exhibit in Midland, Mi

We traveled to Michigan for Easter and had a really nice time with Momma and Poppa Shmidt. We had a great time and it was so nice to see them. Here are some of the butterfly pictures from Aunt Christina. It was so cute to see the butterfly land on Sophia's head (see below), and Ava really loved watching the butterflies and seeing the poster that explained what each one was named. She wouldn't let us hold it.
Me, Sharon and Ava posing as flowers. Sophia has the cutest bow! A buttefly!

Here's another picture of the butterfly. Ava took her bow off so she could have one on her head.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

your not one of these people are you?

You know. You tailgate. This is one of my pet peeves, mainly because I drive from marysville to wherever. For some reason, 33 brings out the beast in drivers. Tonight i was tailgated so badly i wanted to hit the brake just to spite the stupid driver behind me. What's the point of tailgating?

Things i love.

Again with the love list.

Tired. Almost too tired to post, but recently have been thinking about things I love.

Here goes:
  • Getting up an hour early and waking up before the girls. So nice
  • Coffee in the morning (Pike Peak Roast from Starbucks)
  • Sheets dried in the sun
  • Baby wipes that take out coffee stains
  • Earth's Best sunscreen (has no harmful chemicals)
  • recycling. Its saves us money. We only have about three trash bags for a whole week, including diapers.
  • Having a great, fresh breeze come through the house
  • The little rabbit that lives out by our bird feeder.
  • Julia Child's book on tape, "My Life in France." SO GOOD-the actor has a really nice voice
  • When both of the kids are asleep in the afternoon.
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Not worrying about life, what we will be doing in three years and knowing that God is in control, not me. (still learning this by the way).
  • Sitting by Brandon last night all by ourselves on the front lawn
  • Having a sweet little girl who loves to end every sentence with Mommy or daddy
  • Sophia ate her first nanas this week. She was shoving brandon's hand into her mouth.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congrats Sarah and Jay!

Sarah just had her baby girl, Lula. Congrats! I am so happy for the Sandidges. Lula Mae was 6 lbs and 14 ounces.

Growing spurts are only for the strong

Sophia has recently been having a growing spurt. For mommy that means: no sleep, no sleep and no sleep. Brandon helps out in the morning on weekends by letting me sleep in. However, I think it may be from traveling too because their sleep schedules have been off a lot this week.

I am really excited that we are going to be out of this phase soon. Right now I am tired and have no desire to do lots of anything today.

And Sophia just had a massive poop explosion, while sitting on lap. I mean massive. It made me jump. She's grunting and making the funniest expressions. We also are watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. They are in San Diego and at a beach. Can I join them? I love beaches.

Not much else to report. We did lawn work yesterday. I love yard work and Brandon hates it. Ava loved watering the flowers with her little watering pot she got for her birthday. It's small enough for her to carry and she loves it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter bunny

Did you see the new Easter bunny baby? Sophia puts her little ears on for her first Easter. Ava asks for her juice to be opened at Momma and Poppa Shmidts. We were there for Easter and had lots of good food and saw some butterflies.