Monday, July 31, 2006

Flower in black and white

Baby's 14 weeks!

Baby is coming along well~ We are at 14 weeks and all is good on the homefront besides some serious hunger! I eat like six or seven times a day! And the round ligament pain is sometimes kind've strong. We find out whether it's a boy or girl Sept. 14. Brandon is saying it's a boy and I am saying it's a girl. We will see! Luke and Kelly are going to have....a boy!

We went to the zoo yesterday and man, talk about some crazy times~ it was almost 100-plus. But it was so nice to be outside and see the monkeys, elephants, and manatees! My favorite was the red-faced panda. What a cutie! It was hiding in a log, but lifted his head for a second, looked at us and fell back to sleep.