Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brandon and Ava's paparazzi shoot

Sometimes for kicks and giggles, me and my sisters take paparazzi shots. you know, we act like we are being followed by photogs and take funny pics.

This picture made me laugh because it looks like Brandon is being chased by a photog. Well, he was. Me!

Smithy's wedding party

Nick and Dad at the party- dad was taking the picture
Mom and Sophia

Sheraya, Julie and Lisa

Julie with Sophia

Brandon and I outside chasing Ava

Amber and Brian's wedding party at the zoo

Kelly, Becca and I at the open house to celebrate Amber's wedding.
Here's some of the girls in the fam. Rita, mom, Kelly, Ava, Becca, me, Ethan, Cindy, Sophia and Grandma Yoder.

Ok. There are too many ladies to name! Amber is in the foxy dress in the front. Congrats!!

Best buddies Ethan (ne-ne) and Ava eating cupcakes. The cupcakes were their favorite parts of the reception.

The PC clan! Me, Adrienne, Jill, Amber, Katie and Carla celebrating Amber's wedding. We all went to high school together and have pc lunches or happy hours together.

Kelly and baby charlotte

Little Ava and her fudgesicle

I thought this was hilarious. Ava loved her fudgesicle!

Becca with Charlotte

Jasa's shower

baby charlotte was such a pinkie! Charlotte is 6 months old!Amy, Julie and Sheraya all wearing white T-shirts and necklaces.

Kelly, me and Becca at the pink and black shower.

Jasa (in the boa) with her bridesmaids.

More lifegroup pics

Hey ladies, which way to the frisbee tournament?
Corey and Landon

Sarah, me, Molly and Amber chilling out at the park (literally, it was a little chilly!:) )

Brandon, Corey, Blake and Brian

Sarah and I with Nadia and Sophia in their pink Gap bear outfits. So cute!

Lifegroup at park

Here are some of our recent pictures that we took during our lifegroup meeting last monday at the park. Ava and sophia have lots of fun with their buddies! Amber with Georgia, Jacobi and Ava.
Jackson is getting big!

Ava, Logan, Georgia, Jackson, Jacobi and Landon. They all loved the hot dogs and cookies! Parker was there, but had to leave early.

These girls are fast! Soccer girls Georgia and Ava.

Molly with Jackson and Sarah K watching the guys throw a frisbee.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to build a raised veggie bed

My husband and I, B, live in a relatively normal subdivision with about a quarter of an acre. I am a stay-at-home mom, who loves to cook and garden. I really want to garden! Heck, why pay a lot of money when you can raise it yourself?

Also, I have now come upon two magazine articles (better homes and about building a raised vegetable bed. I am hooked. I really want to do it. But, i don't think i can get the labor for free.

Erin: "Hey brandon?"

B" what do you need erin?"

Question: "Brandon, do you think you could build me a raised veggie bed?"

Brandon: What? No. I don't think i can. You get the weirdest ideas."

Me: "Even if you have a plan?"

B: "a raised veggie bed?" (look of confusion on his head)

B: "no."

Erin: "it's only 50 dollars for the materials?"

Erin: "Is that a no no?"

Brandon: "If you really want a yes, answer, don't ask me after 9 p.m."

Erin: "So, is that yes?"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Congats Seedlings!!

Congratulations Jess and Dave! They just had a baby boy, Elijah! We can't wait to meet him and give him lots of kisses and hugs!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sophia at 13 weeks! 12.5 lbs

Sophia jane at 13 weeks! I was so excited that i got this picture.
I actually took it with a little canon in our car one day while I was changing her diaper! She loves having her diaper off!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zuchinni pizza

Here is my take on making my favorite lunch...Pizza!
Whole wheat zuchinni pizzas
Take a whole wheat pita.
Add pizza sauce, cheese, onions and thin slices (very thin) of zuchinni and broil until bubbly. Yum!

Stats please

Here are the girls stats for all those who haven't seen them lately.
Ava is 2! She wears size 4 diapers and loves Dora. She is in the 70 percentile for height and 20 for weight. Her shoe size is 4.5, almost 5. And her favorite snacks are yogurt with strawberries and "Cheese!" Her bedtime is 8 and she gets up at 7 a.m when she has her juice and watches Dora while I snooze on the couch or drink coffee. She is very sweet, a good helper and my little whirlwind!

Sophia is 3 months. She loves to giggle and wiggle her legs when her diaper is removed. She is wearing size 2 diapers (little big) and eats every 2-3 hours. She is gentle and sweet, unless she is hungry or she wants her diaper changed. She goes to bed around 9 or 9:30 pm and sleeps until 2 or so. She usually wakes up around 8 in the morning.

sickies unite!

How come everytime you get better, somone else in the fam gets sick? I was feeling good after last week and then Ava got sick. She got better and then got sick again.

We have been sipping tea all day like it's going out of style! Ava loves tea. She says, "TEA!" Decaf please.

Anyways, Sophie has the sniffles. I hope she feels better because little sick babies are the worst. It just breaks my heart when they are sick.

Prayers for better days.:)