Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little boy turns one

Our little Ryder Lee turned one May 30 and here are some of the fun things we did. We had a very low key dinner of spaghetti and then fruit and presents and cupcakes. I was so excited for the cupcakes. 

I preordered them. I had a special one for Ryder. The names like mexican chocolate and red velvet had me so excited. But alas they really were bad. They tasted processed and we actually didn't even eat like 4 of them. Party foul. 

One of Ryder's favorite gifts was a plastic cup with a straw. We presented him with it as a welcome into our "smoothie club." He loved it and loves drinking smoothies with us since he rarely drinks his milk. 

Brandon also got him a monster truck and we got him clothes and a car. Really low key and sweet. Love you Ry Ry! 

 Happy Birthday baby boy! 

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