Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kelly's Island

The juice box crew at the house we stayed at including, Colin, Nicky, Ava and Brad.
Little Adam what a cutie!

Cindy, Rita, Amber, and Mom at the dock watching the guys fish.

Kellys Island picture 09

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get your bronze on this summer...

...with Lorac summer makeup at Sephora. Hmm. Need to put in order online quick. Sephora is one of my favorite stores to purchase items online because you get three free samples with your order. Go to Sephora for more information.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Julie Child: My Life in France

If you are looking for a true culinary legend to read about, look no further. Julia Child's, My Life in France, is an intimate and joie de vive look at her start in the world of french cooking. I picked up the book on cd on a whim at the library and enjoyed the book.

I mean. I loved it. I ate, slept, and thought about Julia and how I was wrong about my perception of her. Child's love for french food started a revival in America's kitchens. During her time in France, Child and her husband, Paul, a US government employee became obsessed (yes, you will want to eat, eat, after reading this book) with french cooking. Child enrolled at the Cordon Bleu and endeavoured to bring french cooking to America via her cookbooks and later on her public television show in Boston.

She was a scientist. She was a tall woman with a loud laugh who loved life and the proper way to do everything. She would work on a single recipe for weeks at a time to make a precise and scientific account of the ingredients, what work and what doesn't work in a recipe, and how to make a french recipe using American ingredients. I mean, this woman made mayonnaise for like months at a time to get the perfect mayonnaise recipe! She was also known for printing the first way to cook french bread in an American kitchen, before the only way to do it was to use a baker's oven.

Now I want her cookbooks. If you want a classic read get the book, but the book on CD will bring the story alive for you and help with the french words.

Bon Appetit!

Mother's Day Photo 09

Jessie's mother-in-law has the neatest tradition of taking a picture every year with her kids. I loved the idea and started it. Here's this years photo.

more peeps

Brandon and Ava with her doll. During the prayer Ava's doll fell and Becca said someone thought it was a real baby. ha.
Since it was Mother's Day, we thought it would be nice to have both moms pray for Sophia.

Luke, Charlotte (child seat), Kelly and Mom.

Lunch at Panera with Momma Shmidt.

Can you tell they are sisters?

Wow! I just found both of these photos. Ava (top) is tired after swim lessons and Sophia (below) is sitting with Brandon. They are both 2 and 3 months.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life group dedication

Funny pic above
Here's a lovely pic of our life group from the May 10, 2009 dedication. I love all of the babies!!

Sophia's peeps

Sharon, Mom, Dad and Becca
Becca and Kelly

Brandon with the girls and his mom

Ethan loved sitting in sophie's seat

Silly Ava!

Sophia's dedication

Sophia laughing at 5 months We got to dedicate little Sophia on Mother's Day last weekend. Whoo. There was a lot of things going on last weekend including, Mother's Day, Sophia's dedication and our 6th anniversary. Yeah!
Here's some really cute photos of our Sunday.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swim lessons

Ava and Ty shivering. Ty and Ava have been little buddies since they were 4-months old.
Brandon and Ava in the pool together.

Ava waiting for her turn to swim with Katie, the instructor.
Ava splashing.

Ava and Sophia are taking swim lessons this spring with Tate and Ty, our little buddies. Shannen got som really great photos of Ava at her swim class last Saturday. She is in level 4 with Ty and has been taking them since she was little. She enjoys blowing bubbles in the water, kicking and splashing. She does not like being cold when they have to sit on the side of the pool and wait for the instructor. Brandon has been taking her to a lot of the classes. She has two more and then she is done! She will probably be in this class for a couple more times as they want the kids to become more independant.