Sunday, July 26, 2009

Julie and Julia

I reviewed the book on Julia Child's time and life in Paris on this blog before and am so excited to see that a movie is on the way! Julie and Julia is going to be in theaters on August 7. If you are just a little bit interested in cooking, head to the library or bookstore and buy a copy of My Life In France. Even better listen to the audio book.

It's a delicious read!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ava on a candy high

Steam Threshers Parade

Poppa Kuhns

Momma Kuhns, Ethan and Cindy

Luke, Nicky and Ethan with us at Grandma Yoder's house.

Ethan and Ava in their chairs before the parade waiting for the tractors.

Nicky, Ava and ethan with Luke (red)

We Visit Brandon at Work

Sophia and me at lunch.

Brandon and Ava

Brandon and the girls at his work.
Every morning, Ava wakes up and says, "Where's daddy?" I then say, "daddy's at work" and Ava repeats it to herself. It's like a daily ritual of ours. She even thinks that daddy lives at work (Really he has an awesome schedule) and calls it daddy's house. Mommy's house is our home. So last Friday we went to downtown Columbus and visited Brandon at work and had lunch at Boston's. It was really nice to see his coworkers and the amazing skyline.

At Momma and Poppa Kuhns'


Cousin Ethan


Ella, Georgia, Ava and Logan

Brandon by the Jake campfire

A camping we will go

Mommy and the girls

Miss Georgia with her doll

Lisa and Jared

Jared and Ella

Brian, Georgia and Jack

Brandon, Ava, Brian and Jack (in back) in Ash Cave.

Brandon walking Ava

Molly and Jack

Blake with the kids

Suppers on!

So, this was the kids' favorite place to play. Yes, it's right by the women's restroom. They loved to act like they were in a band and sing.

Sarah and Logan look so much alike!

Ava, Georgia, Ella and Logan climbing/sitting on a log.

Sophia in the Bijorn. "Um, mom," Be careful!

camping in hocking hills

Here are some of the pictures from our camping trip with friends from church in July. We had a really good time. We went one night and had nine kids under the age of three. Yes, i know we are crazy.
Jess, Dave and Eli

Ella, Georgia, Ava and Logan by the entrance to our hike at Cedar Falls.

Here's our group before the hike!

Din din!

The girls eating some of the good eats Sarah made. Me, Molly, Sarah, Jack, Jess and Lisa.