Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's strawberry time

Ava eating a strawberry at Jacquemin Farms

Strawberry picking
If you have ever gone strawberry picking as a child, as I was forced to do, strawberry picking will not seem fun at first. I mean, you go to a field teaming with tons of people, bend over at an impossible angle to pick the little nuggets of gold, while lugging a huge container of berries. I can still remember my mom telling the five of us we were going to Yutzy's to pick a row of berries. Ugh. She wasn't a slave drive or anything, but berry picking is hard work!

Maybe it's because I am older and don't have the whole manual labor thing hanging over my head now that I appreciate the fun of strawberry picking in a new way. I can picture the litany of things I will make. Jam that Ava loves to eat, homemade strawberry pie and strawberries in the freezer all winter long can make the picking a little more palpable.

Freezer jam
I will tell you without a doubt, making freezer jelly is super simple. DO not be intimidated. I repeat, it's so easy even I can do it! I still haven't gone near a pressure cooker, but freezer jelly is just mashing the berries, adding sugar, pectin and putting it in nice little containers in the freezer (hence the term, freezer jelly).
The end result is a decadent ruby goodness that tastes fresh and sweet. Oh, how I LOVE freezer jelly.


Charlotte and Brandon! We got to watch Miss Charlotte and Ethan last weekend. How fun! this girl is easy to watch! She was such a doll baby. hugs!

Ethan and Sophia

Ava and Ethan with matching Dora backpacks.

Cousin Emily and baby Caleb! Welcome little cutie. Caleb gave his mommy and daddy quite a fright. Emily and David got to the Marysville Memorial Hospital at 8:21 and had him at 8:29! Close call. Good driving David!

Monday, June 29, 2009

outside fun during summer

What do you do when the weather is hot? Cool off with some water!

Bunny fountains

Cute Sophia

Super mom, Jessie holding Adam and Sophia

Brady playing.

This is the most inexpensive toy you will ever buy. It's a
lso the best! Give your kids some paintbrushes and let them paint with water. I am telling you, you will get at least 20 minutes (tons of time!) from it.
We took Jessie and the boys to the bunny fountains, a summer staple here in Columbus. The kids loved it! It was fun to have Sarah, Logan and Nadia join us! Here are some cute photos.

The Ragains visit

Brady, Colin and Ava playing in our new sandbox, which was a big hit.
Ethan saying hi to Sophia at First Watch after playing at the park.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Kelly and her favorite place to eat (not) breakfast. ha.

Such a great mom! pre-photo, jessie was licked by brady on the face.

My sister was here in May and man, i miss them!! Colorado is too far away. We will just have to move closer. he.

Almost done!

Ava and Aunt Rita pre-country breakfast.
This was our rental house. how pretty, how quaint.

Adam with all of the girls including, Mom, me, Jess and Becca.

Little Adam so adorable and huggable at 9 months.

The fellas. Notice Brady at the bottom of the doorway.


Colin is a cutie!
Brad hanging out eating an apple.

Momma Kuhns relaxing

Don't you love a country breakfast? Shaun and mom cooked a divine country breakfast complete with our favorite-bacon. Shaun's "country breakfast" is a Kelly's Island favorite.

Brandon, Sophia and Mom getting ready for Jessie's movie!

Kelly's Island: the last supper

Shaun doing his best to sell us on drinking diet coke.
Nick and Brady right after driving from Colorado to Ohio to the Island.

Din, Din. Each night we took turns cooking dinner. On my night we had marinated chicken with chimichurri and veggie kabobs. Mom made homemade spearmint ice cream that was yum!

Call me on my celly. Ava and Jessie eating smores by the fire.

More din din pics!

Kelly's Island: the fun and fury

Sun, glorious sun!
well, the happening place at Kelly's Island was the family winery. It was so fun to sample the different wines and sangria. They have horseshoes and a play place (i use that term loosely) for the kids. Brian, Amber, Shaun and Brandon at the winery.
Brady and Ava outside the house we rented.

Kelly's Island

Here are some more pics from our Kelly's Island trip over Memorial weekend. This is our trip over to Kelly's Island.

Happy Father's Day Brandon

Ava (2) and Sophia (6 months) say, "Happy Father's Day daddy!" You're the best!
Ava is our little culinary diva. She helped mommy make daddy french toast with challah bread we bought and some yummy sausage patties with maple syrup. Yes, we used real sausage this time, not turkey! It was really good.

Our little Brandon! She looks so much like Brandon. Note the cute apron, a Jinjer Spears' original!