Thursday, April 03, 2008

No more trees

We used to have 100-plus year old trees lining our nice creek in front of our house, across the lot . But, no more. The beautiful birch trees, which were almost 60 ft. high were cut down in two weeks to make way for a resevoir with the nickname of "The Big Hole."

After calls to the mayor's office and the water plant,it's extremely sad to see these beautiful trees cut down. Hopefully, our new resevoir will be worth the sacrifice and we will have more trees to replace them.

I am hoping to post some before and after photos soon.

Having a sore throat is worse than anything.

I have had a sore throat, almost to the point of losing my voice, for close to three weeks. Everytime it seems to be going away, I get attack of the killer sore throat. Tonight it hurt so bad, I couldn't even make any snarky remarks about Top Chef to Brandon.

I have a prescription for sore throat medicine still in our medicine bin, which I am going to take before I go to bed tonight. It's called Magic Mouthwash and it's thick and disgusting, but it numbs your throat and helps you sleep.

Between Ava and I being sick on and off for three weeks. I can't wait for warmer weather. Ohio is a bastion of sickies right now.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Easter fun!

Daddy, your the best! A green frog!
Kelly and ethan are getting excited for the next baby due in the Fall.
Ava, quick! Get the egg!
Aunt Rita made her famous roast sandwiches. Yum!
Grandma Yoder, or GG, helped make some yummy treats for Easter!
He is risen!
This year really was a great Easter. Aunt Rita's was great --best food ever--and everyone looked so pretty and handsome. All of the kids had a quick easter egg hunt and everyone stayed around Rita's until around 6 p.m.

Of course, we had to eat our easter candy and watch the Sound of Music. Easter isn't the same if you don't watch Sound of Music! :) Even Brandon liked watching it!
Brandon gave up sweets for Lent, while not realizing how very long 40 days were. He was ready for sweets at Easter, especially Sweettart bunnies. I had to go to three stores to get them for him.
Ava loved her bath toys and carried her Easter basket all around the house! She also received some hair pins, but she doesn't have any hair yet.
Hope you and your loved ones had a great weekend.

Easter photos

Happy Easter in Phoenix to Livvy, Caydence and Andrew!

On our way to church in our Easter outfits!
Easter cuties--Ethan and Ava
Is there for me? Ava loved her first Easter basket!