Saturday, March 15, 2008

Redeeming Love and International Justice Mission

If you have ever been blessed to read author Francine Rivers, you will be aware of or have read Redeeming Love. The heartwrenching book tells the story of a young girl who is sold into the sex industry as a young girl and who is later redeemed by a strong man of God. The story is a parallel for the young women today who are being sold into the sex trade at a very, very young age.

As Brandon and I watched MSNBC cover how many Americans travel to Guam, Cambodia, and other third world countries to engage in affairs with girls as young as five years old, it literally broke our hearts. All I wanted to do was to throw up as I watched little boys not even ten-years old bring the reporters through their shacks to visit "small, small girls." In the end of the report, they were able to free many of the girls, but still this illegal trade goes on around the world. The girls were lost, afraid and crying for their mothers. One girl said, "after my mom died..." because she was an orphan and had no home, no mother, no one to look after her.

Currently, it is illegal for Americans to even "engage" in these activities, but enforcement is tough.

For more information, please visit International Justice Mission, an American-based humanitarian organization at This organization is a Christian organization that received a million dollar grant from the Bush Administration to help end the illegal sex trade around the world.

As Christans and Americans, we have such a great opportunity to be a witness to other countries around the world. Please visit this Website and show your support. There is a prayer conference mid-April that would really appreciate your prayers.

As a mother of a young girl, we really are responsible for other young girls all around the world.

Upcoming Cities in 2008
Orlando, FL
Seattle, WA
Minneapolis, MN
Houston, TX
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC

“It is one thing to hear about these injustices in the news, but to hear from people who, compelled by God's love for the oppressed, have entered into people's lives at this level is something else entirely. This is an incredible opportunity to hear from and join with people who are the history-makers of our day.”

Sara Groves, Singer/Songwriter and ChairpersonMinneapolis Benefit Dinner

Canada in Marysville

Here we go. It's the crazy weather system coming through Ohio that we know and love. In one week, we go from 60 degrees to the Blizzard of '08 back to 50 degrees. Today, it's raining outside and there was a fog advisory.

I guess i am going to have to spring for some new wellies!
I have my eye on a few right now!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good things

Here is a list of good things that I personally love, like or use a lot.

Baby Bell cheese

so yummy with melba toast and grapes, pears or apples

New spring line of BCBG
Wish i used. Wish i had a place to wear the clothes.

Iced tall/grande coffees from starbucks, one pump carmel or vanilla (depending on the day) with a little bit of cream
Not a lot of cream mr. marsyville starbucks guy who overdoes it and puts 10 lbs on my bootie.

Having Brandon home early on a Friday and making homemade pizza!

Ok. I have had a little extra time and no computer. You can magine what there is to do with the snow outside. So, hello Giada, "Joy of Cooking," and Tyler.

Martha Stewart
She starts off her show saying she is going to talk about hardwood floors and maple syrup, which almost makes me turn the channel. But, I keep watching and find it utterly fascinating! Did you know they don't have a roof on the top of the building where they cook the sap of the tree so that the steam goes up and out of the building? And the temperature of the fire is around 1,500 degrees? Mmm. Pancakes anyone?

Angels and Airwaves
Listen to Angels and Airwaves's Adventure and see how much faster you run or do housework. It's so great for getting lots of stuff done because the music is super fast. Good for 10 year high school reunion soundtracks as well. (Yes, I used it for our 10 year reunion)

Marysville Library
Love getting tons of books, DVDs, music and magazine without paying anything. They let us put things on hold for free, and Ms. Linda who does baby storytime is great!

Banana Bread with chocolate chips and flax seed
You don't taste the flax seed, which has Omega-3, and what else can you say about warm chocolate chips and bananas? So yummy. I make tons of the loaves and freeze so that you can have them on hand when you need them.