Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun weekend

Ava's new sunglasses from Grammy and Grandpa Shmidt.
Grammy holding Ava.
Cousins Emily, Dave and Wesley at Fazoli's after Sunday church. Wesley likes to call Ava, "Aba". They were so sweet together.
Ava really loves to help me cook. Last nightI got a craving for chocolate chip cookies, so we rounded up all of the chocolate chips we had in the house and made some killer cookies.
This weekend, we had a lot of fun doing lots of things, including watching Ethan and visiting with Grammy and Grandpa Shmidt. Brandon and I also got a great date night.

Here are some photos.

Father's Day

For Father's Day, we had a Coldstone Cookie Cream cake with all of the fathers' names on it. Luke


Brandon and Ava on the merry-go-round at the zoo where we celebrated Father's day.

hey guys!

Father's Day was June 15 this year. We went to mom and dad's for a walleye fish fry on Tuesday night and then on Sunday we went to the zoo for Brandon's day. We had a great time in the 90 degree heat and did the boat ride and train ride. Brandon really liked the boat ride, after some gentle prodding from me to ride it. Ava had a great time as well and loved the popcorn and kangaroos, which were actually hopping around.

It was so hot though, after that week of 90 degrees, it's nice to have a couple of cooler weeks.

Here are some of the photos.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ava gets her new shoes

So, we have been wondering why Ava's shoes have been coming off so much--well, I took her to Stride Rite today and she has gone from a size 2 to 3.5 almost 4! No wonder she has been waking her daddy and me up lately! She has been crying in the middle of the night with the only antidote being warm milk. What a growth spurt. So she got some really nice stride rite shoes. The sales lady said that the average size of a one-year old is size 5 so Ava is really small!

Ava's, baby guppy, shoes.

Brandon said tonight he can't believe how big she has gotten. I love how big she is getting because her personality is blooming!

According to our family members Ava:

---speaks mandarine chinese

---loves to run and should be called double time

---is fast!

She is so social, loves dogs and loves any picture or sound that is a dog, and really loves balloons, which she calls balls. She is finally getting hair and gives the best hugs around your neck. She also loves to lift up my shirt and say, "baby" and then she does the same thing to herself and Brandon. Oh, she loves to jump off the couch into Brandon's arms, which he loves.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

pregnancy is err...great.....gulp

Pregnancy for me is not fun. I have been really tired and missing playing with Ava as much because I have been so tired. Not just tired, but bone-tired like you just got done running a half marathon. I actually was on the sofa most of the day while Ava was sleeping (she took two naps today). Anyways, as I am really active and on the go all of the time, this exhaustion and morning sickness is getting very monotonous.

I told Brandon it's like having the flu for 12 weeks! I just have to look at Ava though and remember how worth it pregnancy is -- ava is just amazing. She is our light and joy. Tonight she was playing the saxaphone and brandon and I were beside her. As she moved her toy, she wacked Brandon hard on the head. It seriously looked like one of those daddy day care movies where the dad gets hurt. Poor Brandon, it really hurt, but I couldn't help laughing because it was so funny.

We do have our 12 week checkup tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. with Dr. Mini.

So far I haven't gained any weight, but I do fluctuate between 1 or 2 lbs. You can see a little bump though, and I have been craving fruity pebbles, ice cream with strawberries and hot fudge, cherries, plain m&m's, really cold jello with fruit, and waffles. I love breakfast food because I can enjoy it!