Saturday, November 10, 2012

October snapshots

Carmel apple decorating party with the girls. 

Done in 5 minutes. 

Worth the crazy amount of dishes that carmel sticks to. So yum. 

Sophia filling up her candy bag during her fall party. 

Fresh blueberry muffins. 

Ry Ry with his fun hat waiting for Ava in the hug and go line at school. 

Enjoyed some amazing fried pickles at 101 Beer Kitchen with our  neighbors, Jason and Kristy. 

101 Beer Kitchen again! At Brandon's happy hour party. 

Brandon took the girls on a nature walk. 

Ryder is now eating solids at dinner. He loves to eat bananas and applesauce, but only if it's warmed up. If it's cold he spits it out. 

Our neighbors Jason, Kristy and Landyn during dinner. The wait made dinner taste so good! 

Dad, Luke, Kelly and Brandon all went to the OSU game together the first weekend of November. 

Ava is having so much fun doing gymnastics. She really loves going on Mondays and Wed. 

Sweet Sophia and I after taking a walk. Sophia loves to be in her stroller and doesn't like to walk. Smart girl. 

Ryder is such a daddy's boy. He brightens up so much when Brandon comes through the door and coughs to get his attention. They have a really cute bond. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

Trick R Treating Night in Mville

Ryder and I in his cute little fireman outfit-Thanks Lisa!

Aunt Becca came over to help hand out candy. She has some pretty cool wigs.  
Sophia wanted to be Cinderella. Ava was Snow White. 

Ava was so cute trying on Aunt Becca's wigs. 

Little man Ryder actually really liked sitting with me by the door passing out candy. A lot better than being in the cold with Brandon and the girls who were trick r treating. 

Sophia as a bundled up Cinderella. It was in the low-40s. 

Ava my sweet little Snow White. 

Cinderella is ornery!