Thursday, July 25, 2013

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis ... boo

Running is off.
After having severe pain in my left foot for two weeks, I found a sports medicine dr in Richmond and made an appointment. I wasn't able to run and wanted to be able to find out what the issue was on my left foot.

It was pain on a scale of 6-7 and I couldn't run or walk more than 5 minutes without pain. Standing up for long periods of time hurt and it was swollen.

As he looked at the foot he pretty much knew right away it was posterior tibial tendonitis.

My first question:
"Can I run the Richmond Marathon?"

Richmond Marathon

"There's a low likelihood of that," he replied. To which I had already realized. I didn't want to do my first one undertrained. I wanted to crush it.

"What about a January marathon?" I asked?

"That seems more likely," he said.

I told Brandon and he said maybe I was supposed to be a swimmer. And that he felt really bad for me. He tried to be positive since he knew I was so disappointed.

I have physical therapy this Friday and will need to get either soft or hard orthotics. I have done zero running and just weight lifting and swim workouts.

And honestly I am very sad. I had plant. fasc. two falls ago and this just echoes those feelings of loss and time spent not getting to fulfill my post-baby marathon goal.

However, I am hopeful that I will recover quickly and keep my fitness level. And thankful that I found a great doctor since we had just moved.

“Finally, I could see with startling clarity that the time I had spent experiencing pain on a run was outweighed by the amount of time that I felt good about it. I was aglow. I was invincible. I was thinking I might be able to do it again.” 
― Alexandra HeminsleyRunning Like a Girl

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Brandon said...

So sorry about the foot. That sucks.