Thursday, July 11, 2013

To Ohio we go.

 We started the week prior to July 4th by visiting my parents in Ohio. This golf cart was a huge hit.
This hole in our living room had us ready and willing to leave.
 The problem was a broken shower pan. Boo.
 Brandon loved his guys camping trip in VA that he had planned with Dave and some other guys.
 Cows that they saw along their way.

After strep, a celebration movie to commence out of the house activities. And these snack packs were only 2.50! Monday score!
 I could just kiss these guys - we really miss seeing Charlotte and Ethan all of the time.
 My kids are in bed mocktail - mint water.
I got to meet my sweet friend Jess and run for 5 (3 with Jess and then 2 by myself).

 Cotton candy break at Red White and Boom in Cbus.

 Lydia and Sophie
 Aunt Becca gave us the sweet hookup and it was an awesome place to watch the fireworks.

 Adam loved playing football.

 Ava loved jumping on the bouncers. Sophie did not. :)

 Summerteeth from Columbus Brewing Company.

Sweet Lydia!
 On the long trip to Ohio we stopped at Sandstone New River Gorge visitor center. It was so beautiful. There were a ton of signage for black bears.

 We had our lunch here and pretty much didn't want to leave.

 Yep. We wore our pjs the whole trip. It was kind've awesome.

 Ryder was so glad to be out of the car seat.

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