Monday, June 28, 2010

Building cathedrals on Earth

I came upon this video looking for a Beth Moore video. While I don't always feel like the invisible woman, sometimes I do wonder if I am doing enough for my kids, I mean who doesn't.

So, I really was encouraged by this great video. It's about how the cathedrals were built over more than a century by many unknown skilled workers and how our lives are for building into others when no one sees it, only God.

Another day, another crepe.

Fresh raspberry crepes

Well, yesterday was pretty eventful. Sophia, our little daredevil, got hurt. She is doing okay today and was hungry so I made stir-fry, one of her favorite dishes.

I found these cool chinese noodles at Whole Foods (under two dollars) that I use along with chicken, bok choy, grated carrots, fresh ginger, and scallions to make a stir fry the girls. They really like to eat at Pei Wei and Ava loves Kai Lan, a character on Nicktoons and how she eats chinese food. They get to string the noodles into their little mouths never knowing how good it is for them.

Then, after watching Giada today make raspberry crepes, I thought, "I have to try!" So, I made them with our fresh raspberry jam I made from the raspberries at Jacquemin Farms. They were sweet, tart and oh so rich with the fresh cream.

Turns out they made everyone really happy. I mean Ava thought they were the coolest, Sophia was grunting for more and Brandon ate two.
Crepes are pretty simple if you just let them sit for one minute on the first side and 30 seconds on the second side to cook the egg in the batter. Also, I my blender broke so I used my food processor.

I made fresh whipped cream for the topping, but not the vanilla sugar.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

God is so good.

Sophia's trip to Urgent Care
I was taking a nap today, Sunday, when all of the sudden I heard Brandon yell, "Erin! Get down here now." I still shudder thinking of that because it was the worst. Worst because Brandon is our level-headed guy. The calm one. I am the drama queen. So when he screams to get downstairs it's got to be something big. I woke up, groggy, and raced down the stairs tripping on the last step while hearing Sophia screaming and Ava crying.

Brandon was holding Sophia, who was bleeding from her head, over the sink. She had managed to pull our July 4th lights off the mantle, also pulling down a vase that hit her in the head. There was blood all over the kitchen, her shirt was soaked with blood and her diaper was too. It was horrible.

Turns out it was a head gash. And head wounds bleed a lot. But, when it's your little one-year old you just feel horrible. We washed her off. Got dressed quickly and took her to the Urgent Care.

At first the doctor said she was going to have to have stitches, but then said steristrips would work if she didn't pull them out. She did fine with them and is feeling lots better.

Brandon and I just kept on saying how bad it could have been. The vase was really heavy and it fell a good 4 feet. But for the grace of God. We just truly don't know how many times during our ordinary days we are saved. How many times God's protection saves our children. It just makes me truly grateful for Sophia and Ava.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalms 91:11.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making your own furniture polish

Did you know it's super easy to make your own furniture polish? You just need white vin., olive oil and a terry cloth rag. If you want it scented, lemon.

I started making my own polish after getting so sick of having Pledge overdose on my furniture. I would use it and it would be entirely too oily. So, I looked on the vinegar bottle one day and saw that I could use it to clean my furniture, not just windows.

Also, I love how cheap it is. I really hate paying tons of money for cleaning supplies!

Try this out!

It's the step-by-step tutorial. You will never go back to Pledge, I promise.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Plan B

Plan B, the book
Thanks Marla --for the interview with Pete Wilson, pastor at Cross Point Church, on your blog site.

If you haven't seen it, visit Marla's blog site. I am not familiar with Wilson, but after reading her site I am going to purchase his book this week. It's like every conversation Brandon and I have ever had on life --family, career, God's plan for us and this life. It sounds really amazing.