Monday, September 09, 2013

Row, row, row your boat

Since I have been unable to run lately with my foot injury, I have had to find other things to do that are non-impact.

Here are some of my favorites, including rowing, which can burn 500-800 calories per hour!

Backwards (2012) Poster
It's not Dawson's Creek, but watch this movie to get how cool rowing can be.


Whether your knees can't take another mile on the pavement or you're just bored out of your mind on the treadmill, there are many reasons to switch up your cardio routine. First and foremost, you'll get better results! The rowing machine provides the best total-body workout of any cardio machine. Why? Because the movement requires equal effort from both your lower and upper body, leading to more calories burned and greater gains in overall cardiovascular fitness. Plus, rowing doesn't put a lot of pressure on the joints so you have a much better chance of staying injury-free.




Swimming laps