Wednesday, August 23, 2006

17.5 Weeks prego!

This week has been really nice, a little hectic, but we have enjoyed the weather, which is around 80ish degrees. Our flowering autumn clematis is growing and almost getting ready to flower! They say the first year clematis sleep, second year they creep and the third year they leap. So i can't wait until next year, which is the third year.

Baby on board is doing so good. I can start to feel little baby flutters here and there. Usually, i feel it more at home on the couch watching tv. We had our triple screen done last week which tests for diseases like spina bifidea and others, but we didn't receive a phone call which is good news!

Also, my energy is returning and nausea is leaving. Auf Wiedersen! I keep on wondering how i am going to be at the 8 or 9 month stage. So far i have gained about four lbs. Our awesome doctor says mom and baby are perfect!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Christina and Troy saying 'I do'!

This was outside at Apple Mountain Resort - a ski resort in Midland, Michigan on Aug. 12. Beautiful! The lilies were so pretty.

erin and brandon_troy and christina's wedding

we went to midland, michigan for troy and christina's wedding. What a beautiful wedding. I kept on saying it looked like the celebrity weddings you see in In Style. And christina looked so beautiful. Hmm. the trolley trip was a crazy time for the unpregnant people.

Christina and troy got lots of great gifts and it was nice to spend more time with the Sirrine's. I i will post more pics when we get them.