Monday, September 18, 2006

Ultrasound jelly is kind've gross!

Last week we went to our ultrasound appointment. I was literally getting ready to throw up I was so nervous! I think the fact that it being a boy or girl made it seem more real. You just feel these little karate chops inside you and it's hard to imagine what baby looks like.

Well, the Dr. was moseying around trying to get the baby to move -- baby was moving but it had its little back to us, showing off its spine and little bottom. The dr. put the table down farther trying to get baby to move, Brandon, mom and I tried to talk baby into moving and finally Dr. Mini said she was 80 percent positive it was a ... girl! I was sure it was a girl even at the beginning but wanted to make sure. The whole thing was so beautiful and really made us even more excited about having Ava. Yes, her name is going to be Ava Rene' Shmidt - Ava means bird and Rene' is my middle name. We do have one more ultrasound to make sure it's a girl. Hopefully, it is because i went shopping already for girl clothes. It's like you are dressing up a little barbie doll!

Anyways, we are trying to tie up all the loose ends before baby comes like fixing our jeep, cleaning and having a garage sale, and more cleaning! Also, I think brandon is going to dig some more flower beds for me this weekend! Joy! I get to put more plants in the garden! I can't wait to plant flowers with ava!

21 Weeks means we are now past the halfway point! Only 19 more weeks!