Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Run Forest Run!

We had such a great time running the Kinsale 4-miler last Saturday. Brandon, Becca and I thought it would be fun to run it wearing green (Socks, shirt) and listen to the Reganomics (didn't play until late) afterwards.

We had a blast! The race is set at a golf club that has rollers (little hills) and the course can be frustrating if you are used to a flat and fast course. It's ambling lanes that seem to go on forever. Last year I was at the 3 miler marker extremely irritated to learn how much farther we had to go because I didn't have my garmin. This year was nicer because I knew what to expect--Brandon and Becca both said the same thing.

We left to meet Becca around 4:30 for a 6 pm race start. The race had lots of parking spots still open around 5:20 pm and we were about 100 yards from the start. Nice. There was a tent with warmers since it was around 50. Becca and I wore our St. Patty's socks, which seemed to be the popular choice with women. Almost everyone had some sort of green on and there were around 1,000 people running the event. I loved that they had pacers there although I passed a lot of people toward the end that had lined up closer to the front.

I hit the bathroom maybe three times? and was worried about running for four miles without a restroom at 30 weeks prego. Also, I brought some candy to suck on that was nice for the sugar since it was at dinner time. The race started on time and we started around a 11:30 pace through a neighborhood and then got a quick water stop. Around mile 3 I picked up the pace to around 11:15 and sometimes 10:30/45. But I wanted to be careful to not run to quickly because sometimes I get cramps from the baby if I do go too fast. We saw a little girl running with a tutu who had a birthday that day - she was 8! And darn it if she didn't almost beat me at the end.

It was so fun just enjoying the run and not going too fast. And it was also fun to pass people at the end and not get passed from losing steam--Columbus Half. So, I am going to work on my pacing and going slower at the start to hold my pace at the end. Around mile 3.5 I started to run faster (still about to say 'address' as a safety precaution) and thought how cool it was to be running with my little buddy Ryder. I almost teared up thinking how precious he was and how it was this thing between him and I. Maybe runner's high or maybe just pregnancy hormones, but it was this really special moment.

Let me be honest. I really, really wanted to sprint all out at the last .50 miles (can't wait for first race post-baby), but I also thought it would be a tad irresponsible to go too fast. So I ran probably 3/4 faster and got in around a 11:20 pace/45:17. I was really happy as my goal was a 11:40 pace. Try strapping on 20 lbs and seeing how hard that is -- whew. My legs were sore for around 3 days from the extra weight.

I loved running with Becca and Brandon. It was a fun race atmosphere with loads of awesome weather. Becca did awesome and Brandon did so good - he ran a 32:23 and got 139 out of 938! He is fast! He is looking forward to cycling during the summer.

Becca and Brandon got a beer afterward (Brandon got my beer ticket) in the tent and we talked and visited with friends there and then headed to dinner at the Rusty Bucket.  I got the bucket of shrimp (so good) and a salad. Fun fun day with my sweet and hilarious sister and Brandon. One of our favorite date nights ever! Sweat dates are always the best!

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