Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunny days

I made this for dinner one night and it was amazing! Crispy prosciutto is bacon's first cousin. 

Ava working on her tracing. The girl has some made artistic skill and is getting really interested in art and design. 

Sophia cutting out rectangles. 

Playday at Recreation Unlimited with Sophia during Ava's preschool. 

This playground set was 'reduced' from 26,000 to 17,000. Kind've would rather have a car. 

We had a fun time at the park with friends eating pizza and salad. 

Sarah and baby Norah, kissable cheekies. 

barefoot kind of day with Nadia 

I was running and laughed at I saw my reflection. That baby bump is out there. 

beautiful night for a run 

Sophia has started doing this and it makes me laugh every time. Ava and her were watching there babies outside. 

babysitters watching their little stuffed animals on the driveway

Ava with her little walking puppy she got for Christmas 
Do you want to try an awesome Spring recipe? The top picture I loosely used Martha Stewart's recipe and tweaked it by crisping the prosciutto in the oven at 350, bake. I crumbled it on top and it was amazing! And pretty cheap since I only got about 5 slices of porscuttio at Whole Foods for $3.50. I used De Cecco pasta, heavy whipping cream, frozen peas and parmigiano reggiano.

We had a great and busy time this week soaking up the sun outside by visiting a park, going to the zoo with Momma Kuhns and Kelly and Ethan and Charlotte and I got a run in. The girls have really enjoyed playing outside on their new swing set someone gave us. We just had to buy the swings and some bolts. Very nice!

Life is pretty busy right now getting ready for Ryder and fitting in family time and work out time. I got up at 5:30 am on Monday (wince) for my third swim lesson. It was a ton of fun learning how to swim and kick properly with my fav. -- flippers. Those flippers make you swim so fast you have to put the brakes on. The DST def. made the 5:30 am slot a little more tiring and I was dragging until I warmed up. But, I really enjoy swim lessons and learning something new.

Today I swam about 1,100 yards and worked on kicking drills. The last sets felt really good and it helped stretch out my legs after walking all day yesterday. I also ran Wed. night 3 miles and felt pretty good. The weather being 70-plus had me pretty tired toward the end. I loved seeing the belly profile in the above pic - I didn't think you could tell so much.

Have you ever seen this tech loop clip from Portlandia? It's hilarious and made me laugh because I always jump when I hear any iPhone beep.

Internet tech loop -
so funny and yet so true.

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