Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kinsale Race recap

On the way, butterflies! My iphone band fell off at mile 3 and I held on to it for the last mile. Going to use my shuffle next time.
Ava and Sophia were holding hands on the way. Sophia loves her Dora and paci.
Almost time to go to the starting line!
I loved this photo in black and white. Girls are chowing on free snacks after the race.
Whoohoo. Brandon my awesome husband who waited for me at the finish. He's training with me right now for the Cap City Half Marathon. Go babe! He's fast!

Race Recap
So...I guess the good Lord was gracious enough to take the 20-plus winds to....Zero! At 6 pm the weather was a balmy 50 degrees with no wind. We got there around 5:20 pm and got a great parking spot 15 cars from the start.

The Kinsale 4-Mile Race was amazing. A great crowd for St. Patties, around 900 people and lots of free goodies and a great race vibe. It was professional and well-managed. And the St. Patties wearing people made it so fun. Love it.

I was really nervous before the start because I had been sick before that week and hadn't run for two weeks trying to get better. I started by the 9 minute mile pacer for about half a mile and then ran in front of her for the rest of the race. Overall, I felt good I was just really thirsty.

I ran the 4-miles at a pretty consistent 8:43 pace and finished at 34.42. This was my first race and I just wanted to finish being able to sprint the last leg. The first mile I felt great, but miles 2-4 were on the golf course, which were full of hills and curves. I was really happy with my time!

Brandon and the girls were my awesome support crew. I love these guys. Ava and Sophia had a ball and just took in all of the green balloons and ribbons.

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