Friday, August 02, 2013


This girl is fried from the pool, sun and popsicle fun we had today. We were celebrating Ava being out of summer school to catch up and now we are ready for a month of no school.

I have been having physical therapy twice a week now for my foot and it's feeling better. I think the combo of the electric thing that they zap my foot with and the ice and exercises are helping. Oh, have you read this article from Runners Connect

It states that there are more benefits over a 12 week period of moderate training (thinking you could run one more lap or set) in both fitness and VO2 max rather than high intensity puking training. 

Pretty cool. Since I have been not running for 4 weeks now--I am cycling, swimming laps and lifting--maybe reading about running can help me not get so jealous of all of the runners that go past our home.

The kids are loving the summer. Sophie tried a dance class for the first time and loved it. She did the routine so well and loved tapping and ballet. Ava is enjoying her gymnastics and making lots of friends. She had a sleepover the other weekend with her little friend. Ryder is growing big! He loved to point with his index finger, dip his chicken nuggets or fries at Chick Fil A in ketchup and eats a ton. 

This weekend we are going to church Saturday night and the pool on Sunday. It will be awesome to relax for a whole day and just eat and suntan! :) 

We had a crazy busy and full month in July. Our families got the great chance to visit. We celebrated Sharon's bday and we got to see Livi, Andrew and my mom. 

July snapshots

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