Thursday, June 20, 2013

June snapshots

Happy shoe day to me! Brooks Adrenaline that I ordered on 

Shark or bread? Pool nights have become a fun thing. We bring dinner, swim for an hour or two and then take them home to bed. 

Last day of school with our bus stop friends. We have had a great year. But, glad it's over!!

Sophia in her speedo and Ryder. Soph and Ava are taking swim lessons. 

This picture captures Ryder's personality. His "New in Town" shirt is from Aunt Becca. 

Soph and Ava are such good friends (most of the time). I love how much they like playing together and Soph is excited to get her "best friend" back since it's summer. 

Our fav. treat at the pool is popsicles. :)

A friend at gymnastics mentioned this hair place for kids. They cut their hair, let them watch a movie, do a hairstyle and have a playroom for Ryder. It was awesome! 

I think Ava liked it. 

Ava in her chair outside. 

Sweet friends Eliza and Lola joined us one night and we didn't see the girls all night. IT was awesome. Ava and Soph had so much fun with Ann and Tommy's family. Just trying to convince them to move down here now. :) 

It was humid. It was a fussy time. And I just started walking and he fell asleep. 

Date night on the patio - Beer, burgers (bees) and some music. We also had a freaky close encounter with an owl. 

So my drive to include everything in the fridge worked! Pool detox salad after a crazy Chick Fil A day before. 

I love following Run Raquel on Instagram. Do you follow runners? She is training for a marathon based on heart rate rather than pace. What do you think? 

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