Monday, March 25, 2013

10K race strategies

After unpacking and getting into a new routine, March and April are "Back to Running!" months.

I signed up for the Ukrop 10K, which is coming up! It's April 13 and there are more than 40,000 people running it. It's huge and while I am not sure if I can run my fastest 10K yet, I would really like to run my pre-baby pace that I ran with Brandon at the Air Force 10K. At the AF race I ran a 8:55 and that was with a huge hill at the start and not knowing I was 5 weeks pregnant. We were aiming for maybe mid 8s.

You wouldn't know that only being five weeks pregnant would affect your race, but it pooped me out. I was running as fast as I could, while Brandon was famously running beside me chatting and jumping over random barrels.

I found this article that said to have a fast 10K you need to work on endurance rather than speed. What do you all think? Today I just did a tempo run that felt hard, but I was able to maintain for 3.2 miles. I also did a w/up and c/d. I paced the 3.2 around 8:45. I do think I need to get some longer, slower runs in, but kiddos make it hard. :)

The goals of this program are to increase endurance and strength by increasing the overall mileage base and to improve aerobic glycogen metabolism and efficiency by increasing the longest runs to distances beyond race length. Some of the long runs should be done on hilly terrain to develop strength.

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