Sunday, April 28, 2013

What's been going on.

Ava at the baseball game. 
Sweet Ry Ry chilling like a big boy in the sun. He's 11 months old. 

Brandon and his new shades aka Maverick. 

Ryder and I at Easter at Aunt Rita's. I still have to do our Easter pics on the blog!: ) 

There is an outdoor mall in Richmond that is called Short Pump, kind've a smaller version of Easton. The girls love to ride on the train around the mall. 

Sophia loves this train. 

I wish I had those blue eyes. :) Sophia, Ava and Brandon went to a baseball game as a reward for working hard at school. The girls loved the fireworks and Ava caught a ball. 

Flying Squirrels game in Richmond and the fireworks. 

Oh yeah. Ryder is almost walking.  No biggie. And he is sporting his sporty rust colored jeans I got on sale at GAP. Love these! 

Our farmhouse table is such a fun place to have dinner. And it's fun that we got to design it! 

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