Friday, September 07, 2012

Labor day weekend

We all went to get our rib eating on at Montgomery Inn last Friday to celebrate Dad's 29th birthday again. He is so young. :)

It was the red carpet treatment with our own private room, loads of chips and balloons. Really nice to celebrate with dad and honor him on his special day. Of course he celebrated by going to Bob Evan's twice within a 24-hour period. And attending the OSU game with mom.

Happy Birthday dad!

After we went out to eat, we hopped in the car and headed to Michigan to see Brandon's family. We had a great weekend and relaxed, ate and had a bonfire with smores. The girls really loved playing with  Cale and he is so big now. The girls loved sleeping in poppa's music room and reading with momma and poppa and eating Uncle Troy's yum bbq.

Little man Ryder did not sleep. At all...So continues the Sophia trend of never sleeping away from home. Doh! Brandon was a huge help and took turns rocking him and letting me sleep in.

Great to see family and relax!

Sophia on the princess bike. 

Momma Shmidt with little Ry Ry. 

Cale on his bike. 

Sweet nephew Cale with Ava, who got a bite on her forehead. Her poor eye swelled shut. 

note to self: fix the A/C. 

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