Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping with little ones

Previously, I had done an entry about shopping with your little ones and what makes a great store or eatery in this post.

When gathering my unofficial results, I looked at ease of shopping, helpfulness of staff, and product placement, among other things.

Here are some more of the best stores and stores that may make it harder to shop with little ones.

Children's Place Tuttle Mall
Offense: Checkout line is very long

I really like shopping at the Children's Place at Polaris, but the Tuttle Mall CP is totally a time drainer. It's filled with too small aisles for your strollers, usually out of several sizes in the girls department and the line to checkout is at least 15 minutes long every time even if there is only one person in front of you. The boys section is really cute though so maybe try online shopping?

Wal-Mart Marysville
Offense: Essentials are far away, checkout line is very long
Wal-Mart is like this maze of aisles that are wide for strollers and you will find good deals. But, those deals add up and it can be hard for little kids to walk around the whole store if you are in a hurry. Let's say you need diapers (seriously, back aisle of store!) and milk (back aisle as well), you will spend at least 10 minutes just walking to get your things. Honestly, if they put the milk and diapers at the front, I know a lot more parents would appreciate it.

The sales clerks are usually pleasant and friendly, which is super nice. But, those long lines will have you waiting sometimes for 15-20 minutes.

Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor in Marysville - This mom and pop ice cream store has a train that circles the store by it's ceiling, a huge chalkboard for kids to write on and is super easy going. They have the girls' favorite flavor, superman, and are budget friendly. Just check out their Yelp reviews! Favorite flavors include the flavor of the month favorite, banana pudding, and red velvet ice cream.

Chipotle-You knew this was a sure bet. Aside from their seating, which can be filled at times, the girls love their menu which features a make-your-own-taco plate (two soft tacos (#4)). This is one of the only meals the girls will totally finish from start to finish. The servers are always super friendly and their food is organic and locally sourced. Love.

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