Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 3 of baby Ryder

Swinging on the patio 
Relaxing with daddy

diaper changes + baby 

Cupcakes from our neighbors from Ribbon Box Cakery. So yum! Best ever 

Sophia picked a chocolate cupcake with blue sprinkles. 

Chocolate and strawberry cupcake

Here's Ava's drawing of an alligator with two dolphins jumping out of an ocean.

We have been having a very relaxing third week. Since our doctor told us to keep little guy out of grocery stores or restaurants and since I can't do much in terms of exercise or swimming yet, we have been relaxing, playing outside and having family time. We also visited my mom and dad last night. 

Ryder is three weeks today. He is up and alert for longer periods of time, he smiles!, and is sleeping for about a 4 hour/3 hour chunk at night. He loves nursing and cluster feeds right before bed. And he goes through a lot of diapers! I would say his temperament is pretty chill, and he is a little lover. 

The girls are doing well. They are really into imaginative play. They have little friends, Colin and Ethan, that eat with us sometimes. Ava really enjoys craft time and we made little puppets this week. Sophia is a little mommy and likes to take out all of the baby blankets and her baby crib on the porch to play. They loved going to the pool with Momma Kuhns and seeing Poppa Shmidt last Friday.

Brandon is busy busy at work catching up after being out for two weeks for baby. And I am getting some sleep as this little guy is a champ. Thank you Lord! :) 

I will say it's a little hard to be patient for my body to return to normal. I have to still take it easy and can't swim, run or bike yet. I def. thought I would be more okay with taking a break from working out than I am. Since I stay at home, this is my outlet and it's been hard to forgo the rush of endorphins you get from a good sweat workout. I am starting to walk again at night though (2 miles Sunday and Monday). But, I want to enjoy this special time with little guy. I know now after two girls that this time just speeds by and it's gone. 

In other non-sappy news, Downtown Abbey is 2013! Hello, that's like forever for Lady Mary and Mathew to be married. Except someone to die and a birth in this series on PBS, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 

Maggie Smith

Are you looking forward to DA?

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I've been SO SO SO excited that they are continuing it!!!