Thursday, October 08, 2009

Best and Worst stores for kids

Have you ever went shopping with the kids in tow and realize that some stores just don't have a clue?

Narrow aisles that make it impossible to steer a stroller or inaccessible bathrooms make you want to stick to shopping by the internet. Below are just a couple of the stores and eateries that are the best and worst for shopping or eating with kids. I will update periodically.

Additionally, I would love to applaud and support the stores and eateries who make all moms' jobs easier with their friendly smiles and great help.

Worst offender:
Filene's Basement-

Not only did 3 store clerks step over my boxes without asking me if I needed anything (while I was with two kids), they only helped women who were by themselves.

Cons: Narrow aisles, bathroom too small to bring stroller, no help with products and baby section's aisles were so narrow, I couldn't reach it with my stroller.
Pros: I mean, the prices are so good. I may come back without kids.

Best of the Best:
Whole Foods- I love this store. You can say all you want about the high prices, but if you shop around a little bit, you will find great deals on items, including fruit bars for $1.67 and local milk and dairy products.


  • Tons of samples including, fruit right when you walk in
  • Trying toBold decide what to take to a shower, the bakery lady talked to me and gave me samples to help me see what tasted good. Yum!
  • Wide aisles and good selection of produce and products
  • Ava says, "this is the best pizza ever mom!"
Cons: Prices are higher on some items than normal.


Ali said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Whole Foods pizza!!!

Deni said...

Oh man, I could go on and on about different places I can't stand to shop I love shopping at Once Upon Child...but hate pushing a cart there.

Erin said...

i love their pizza too! I know Denise, why do people have narrow aisles in kids' stores?