Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday pep talk

Do you ever feel like you need a pep talk on Monday mornings getting ready for the office? I used to work and drive in to Cbus with Brandon and every Monday was very hard to get going. By the time I was deep into my first cup of coffee, I was doing good.'s your pep talk -- only one more week until a four day work week. :)

Ryder has been having a growth spurt. He's getting a little pudge on his cheeks and his lips are so cute. We got to take him to church for the first time yesterday and see all of our friends again. He is also our sleeping champ!

Ava has been begging us to have a lemonade stand since it was winter. And she wanted to earn some money so Saturday Sophie and Ava had a little stand. They sold lemonade to about 10 or 12 people and had a really great time. I will always stop for lemonade now after Saturday. We really appreciated everyone who supported them. :)
Ryder in his little swing. 

Lemonade for .25! Sophie and Ava really wanted to drink more than one cup. 

Brandon doing a diaper change 

He slept from 9:45 pm to 2 am! And then until 4:30 am. I'll take it.:) By 10 pm I am usually so tired I am hitting the sack with Ryder.

I have been trying to keep on top of eating before I am ravenous and planning snacks out for the kids in case I am nursing or short on time.

Here are some great ideas for your lunch/snacks like Real Simple's article on snacking.

Snack container crackers
Real Simple 

Brandon really likes to have healthy lunches or leftovers. We use leftover veggies or grill extras like eggplant, corn, peppers, onions, etc and put them in our salads.

1. Make salads on Sundays for at least 2-3 days.
2. Keep dressing separate in plastic bags inside tupperware.
3. Fill salads with protein like beans, tofu, nuts, etc.
4. Salads will keep nicely and easy to grab on the way to the pool or office.

Weekly lunches

Baggie of dressing inside tupperware already prepared  
Use a bottled dressing or make your own

Dressing baggies
Equal parts canola and olive oil + salt + maple syrup + acid (lemon or red wine vin)

Spring salad + spinach + cilantro (or you can do parsley or a thai salad with mint)

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