Saturday, June 23, 2012

I ran last night...

My first mile. And it was...glorious!

I took the first mile very easy and it did help that Brandon texted me and let me know that Ryder was crying. But, it felt really good and I def. didn't bust it out (10:30 pace). I was running maybe 8-9 min/pace pre-baby.

The only thing that was sensitive was my knees, probably from the relaxin hormones, and nursing. Ouch.

The OB nurse practitioner gave me the go ahead to run fartleks or run/walk (I knew I loved that practice) 7-10 days after my appointment that was two weeks ago. I waited a little longer and it's been almost 3.5 weeks since Ryder was born. My plan is to go easy (2 miles or so) for the next two weeks and add walking and weights since they help improve muscular recovery into the equation depending on how I feel. I will say that running up until 39 weeks made running again very manageable. I didn't feel like I was at a zero base level.

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