Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awkward and awesome Tuesday

There are some blogs that have Awkward and Awesome Tuesday, like the Daybook, so here it goes since hello, living with a newborn, 3 and 5-year old supplies many experiences.


  • That moment when your 3-year old strips totally naked and goes to the restroom on the back lawn. And then has problems getting her swimming suit back on.
  • That moment when you think your comeback running is going great, your running at least under 10 minutes (hey, you just had a baby) and you get passed. At first by one person, then another and then a whole high school cross country team. Because, that just makes you feel awesome. 
  • Or when you run like one, or all of these "awkward runners." Guilty. 
  • When your pooped on, spit up on or peed on. Or all three. In the same sitting. 


  • All of the amazing support we have received from family and friends during baby's birth and first month. 
  • The girls loved going to the pool with Momma and our cousin Nick yesterday. They had a great time and slept until 7:45 am. Awesome. 
  • Spending nights with Brandon (and sometimes a sip or two of his craft beers) relaxing on the porch.  
  • Morning sun and the beautiful weather that doesn't have a "9" or "100" anywhere in it. 

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