Thursday, June 28, 2012

On having a lemonade stand

We had a lemonade stand the other Saturday and it was so much fun. I was just really impressed at the many people who stopped and bought a drink from the girls.

With that, I told Brandon I will always stop now that the girls were so supported!

Other ideas are selling gatorade by a running trail. Or hot chocolate or cider in the fall. The whole experience from making signs, counting money, and interacting with people was a really great lesson for them. The biggest thing that was hard for their little 3, 5-year old antsy selves was sitting at the table for around an hour. I would probably recommend only having it for an hour or less.

We also put the ice in a cooler and just put it in the cups as people purchased them.

Did you ever sell lemonade? My sisters and brother used to sell lemonade to the cyclists who biked from Cbus to the Dutch Kitchen.

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