Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Due time...

It's my due date today and little Ryder is still snug and comfy inside my belly. At our last appointment, he actually started crawling up in my ribs as Dr. Mini went to check my cervix. I laughed. He's a snug little bug.

I have pretty much cleaned our whole house, done most of the laundry, cooked and made some extra food. It's just a waiting game now. In the last 3 days, I have walked almost 9 miles (8.5) and tried everything hot or spicy.

Some days are just really nice and I appreciate the wait. And then other days, like today, I am just ready for his debut. And getting my body back somewhat. And no more upset stomach, cankles, weird body things, etc.

Even though so many people say enjoy this time -- a part of me wants to say, "Hello!" I have been. For like 10 months or 280-plus days. It's like when your in college in people say, "enjoy this time, it's the best time of your lives" and your broke, eating ramen noodles, putting .90 in your car for gas (true story-ask my sister, Jessie) and surviving on four hours of sleep with extracurriculars and studying.

Looking back, yes, it's great and a wonderful time. But, it's also hard.

Here's a quick 40/41 week rundown.
Cravings: Celery (weird), hot chocolate, muffins with blueberry or choc chip, steak and fruit. And fresh green beans. And maybe buffalo sauce. Mmm.

Weight: rounded off around 26/27.

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Exercise: Walking and wall pushups and resistance training. I am really enjoying my 3 mile walks at night while Brandon is putting the girls to bed. It's beautiful on our walking trail and I feel like I come back refreshed and somewhat tired. It's great for insomnia.

Emily and I both have two already and are having a boy and girl for first time! 

Aunt Tammy
Brandon, Geoff and Dave 

Mindy, party planner extraordinaire 

Emily and I comparing belly bumps. 

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