Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter photos..

 This isn't an Easter photo, I just love Sophie's outfit and her little pose. We were killing time waiting for Ava in preschool and took this photo. She LOVES to shop and dress up.
Easter cuties. Aunt Rita hosted easter this year and all of the kids had an easter egg hunt. 

Daddy, Ava and Sophia before church. 

Cuties. These little half-pints (Little House on the Prairie) wore their same dresses from last year. I loved them. 

This year the girls got zoobles, candy, and some nail polish. They loved searching for their baskets outside before church. 

Cutie pie Garrett. 

Charlotte and her egg score. 

I always do the numbers on the wrong hand -:) 34 weeks preggers. 

Ethan dashing for some eggs. It was an intense hunt. 

Sammy, our little cousin

Getting a momma squeeze. 

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