Wednesday, May 16, 2012

40 Weeks preggers

I'm in my 40th week!
My face is starting to look swollen, feet look like cankles (Soph was looking intensely at my ankles after i said that trying to see what cankles are), and I am losing my appetite.

Our due date is May 23. I am still walking and swimming, but I am not running anymore because at 40 weeks the contractions at night were too tough. And, I have that first trimester tiredness that is hard core. Feeling like I have ran a marathon after only a normal day. Brandon is really awesome at taking over at the end of the day.

And ice. I love ice. It's crunchy, refreshing and oh so yum. I probably drink multiple cups of ice a day. 

I have been gaining more weight toward the end - but the doctor said it's probably water weight since my fingers feel fatter and to put my legs up at night. I can feel little Ryder moving and yesterday I saw the indentation of his little foot on my right side. It's a crazy thing. I also had a crazy dream that he was a she and was wearing a tutu when she came out. A pink tutu. 

Brandon and I also had our 9th anniversary! Happy Anniversary babe! I will post some pics of our fun lunch and ice cream date at jeni's. My sisters, Jessie and Rachel are here with their cuties. Jessie left last week and Rachel is here with Cadence and Caroline. It's been really nice to see them and have some family time with all of the cousins. 

Our 9th anniversary "lunch" pre-pic date.

Ava and Cadence 

Soph, Ava and Charlotte were made mermaids by Aunt Rachel  they loved it.  

So. much. fun. 

Ethan at his soccer game and his little fans - Ava and Caroline. 

Poppa Kuhns, Sophia and Cadence at the House of Japan. Adam asked if he should bring his marshmallows  to the fire place.

And...if you love the below video -- call me...maybe. Really, just write a comment in the comment box.

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