Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes you don't get what you want

Today is our 36/37 week appointment at my doctors. We are getting tested for group b strep along with checking out the baby's size and position. Hopefully, I will be coming along.

We had a great weekend this past weekend. The girls and I went to the Beauty and the Beast play at my old high school with my mom and Molly and Georgia. Molly and our friend Lisa got us last minute tickets after not realizing that we had to pre-purchase them. The play was very well done and the sets were a lot more intricate than when I was in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Both my sister and I were "stolen" by the mountain brothers. Brandon got to get a 40-mile bike ride while we were there.

It was also nice to get a new iPhone replacement (really?) after my prego belly did not illicit compassion from the Apple salesman. He gave my poor broken phone one look and said, "it will probably be $XX." 

Did not have my friend Jess's luck with getting a new iPhone for free. Boo. 

Or the little boy who almost caught the foul ball at a Texas Rangers game. His mom said it was a good lesson for him because "sometimes you don't get what you want." 

I did run 4 miles at the gym on Saturday and felt amazing. Brandon watched the girls and I had a nice day to myself working out, shopping for baby Ryder and getting a phone. 

Beauty and the Beast with mom, Sophia, Georgia and Ava (she didn't want a pic). 

Popcorn during intermission

Brandon took the girls to the park this Saturday. Soph wanted to tame the dinosaur. 

Ava's preschool class pet, Rajah, was with her for this week. We took a picture by our "V" curtain at church. 

Soph and Ava at the park post-appt. 

I call my sis the coupon queen. She loves cutting out coupons.  


Charlotte in her sweet little dress up outfit. 

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