Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Still here.

The girls and I decided to take a girls' day a couple of fridays ago since we didn't know when we would be getting out again -- see -- I thought little Ryder was coming any day (more of that later) I offered the girls either a trip to the zoo or COSI and they chose COSI. 

When going to any big place (Sophia is 3), we try to choose a couple of things to see to make it fun and not overwhelming. So we went to the Kids Space and the new Water exhibit, which was cool and very hands on, but a little small, and then met Brandon at North Market for some Jeni's Ice Cream. My fav. I got the salty carmel with deep chocolate and it was oh so worth the long lines.  

We also went to the park the following Monday after my doctor's appointment. I am now 38 weeks and doing good. The baby is about 6 lbs and is -2 station, 50 percent effaced and 1 cm dilated. So yep. Probably going to full 40-plus weeks again. We will talk more with our doctor at our 39 appointment next week. The girls are very excited and last Saturday my sweet sisters planned a surprise sprinkle shower for me. I was so surprised and blessed to have such a great party. It made being pregnant really special. 
Sophia and Ava touching the water vapor.

Sophia playing with her dolls. 
Doctor Sophia

Ava and Raja, her preschool class pet

Ava in the pretend doctors office

Ava at the park after our 36 week appointment.

Sophia playing with kitty at the park. 

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