Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunny day

The weekend is almost here and it's sunny and bright outside. We are going to be relaxing around the house this weekend and getting in fam time around the house.

Today we visited COSI and then hit up Jeni's - which is so yum. I got the salty carmel and dark chocolate, Ava got dark chocolate and Soph got wild berry lavender. The ice cream hit the spot! Ava and Soph really enjoyed the water exhibit that had fog coming down with words.

baby baby
Last night I packed our hospital bags for the baby and cleaned up the basement. Those little newborn onesies are so little. It's so hard to imagine little Ryder in them. And GG made us an amazing fried chicken dinner that was so good as a pre-baby meal. The homemade gravy was heavenly as was the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. So sweet of her!

Love the bottom picture. So true.

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