Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little spaces

Devos - 
As I have progressed in pregnancy, my ample brain cells that were once alive and kicking seem to be...dying off. Just yesterday I put a check mailed to us in the trash. Sadly, Brandon knew where to look first -- the recycling bin. I have almost missed bday parties and I sometimes have that perfect word on the tip of my tongue, but can't remember it for the life of me. 

On Bones the other night, Bones, who is pregnant, said pregnancy can make your IQ 8-10 points lower. I have to agree. And it's frustrating. 

Sitting in church has been a way to meet the Lord and to worship with others (Heb 10:25), but another one of my favorite ways to really have my devotionals has been to walk or to run outside.

On those days that are way tough, just walking or running and being in God's creation brings peace to my heart.

He meets me there. Or...maybe I just make space for Him because really He is always there. It's not a formal setting. I don't have my best clothes on -- in fact, I am covered in sweat usually. And that's fine by Him. 

Perfect mom thoughts? Replaced with leaning on Him. 
Tough budget crisis or rough day with kids? Replaced with peace. 
Whoa is me epitaphs? Replaced with comfort and rest. 

God met David as he walked in the evening and from there they had a kindred relationship. They talked and David marveled at the Lord's majestic creation. 

"O LORD, our Lord, 
how majestic is your name in all the earth! 
You have set your glory 
above the heavens." (8:1)

In the verse above, majestic means "far superior to anything else." He noted that God's creation was superior above any man-made object while he was in the middle of His creation. 

Brother Lawrence, a 16th century priest who heard God in the daily happenings of life, writes about meeting God in the little places in our lives in "Practice of the Presence of God."

“A little lifting up of the heart suffices; a little remembrance of God, an interior act of adoration, even though made on the march and with sword in hand, are prayers which, short though they may be, are nevertheless very pleasing to God, and far from making a soldier lose his courage on the most dangerous occasions, bolster it. Let him then think of God as much as possible so that he will gradually become accustomed to this little but holy exercise; no one will notice it and nothing is easier than to repeat often during the day these little acts of interior adoration.” 
 Brother Lawrence, Practice of the Presence of God

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