Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A week in pictures

Smoothie time
This was our favorite smoothie of the week!

Almonds + vanilla + frozen strawberries + banana + milk + Stonyfield yogurt + chocolate chips = so good! The almonds help you stay full longer and the girls can't taste them. They loved putting little chips (smaller size) on the tops of their smoothies. 

This is what happens when your 3-year old decides her barbies need a hair cut and your in the shower. And then she precedes to give herself "bangs." She actually did a very good job on her bangs or "bongs" as Ava calls them. 

Snuggling with daddy on a Saturday morning (our lounge day) and Soph showing off her bangs. 

Egg dying. Ava was really excited to dye her eggs. 

After a lesson, Sophia was really good and didn't plop them in. Pretty much all of our eggs turned out to be pink. 

Ava said her favorite fruit was starfruit (Olivia) so we picked up one at the store. I literally had to watch a Youtube video on how to cut and eat them. It was a nice correlation for Easter since we also watched an Easter video. We said Jesus was the star. 

We had a great Easter celebration last weekend. On Saturday Brandon did a long run and while he was out the girls dyed Easter eggs. Then we watched an Easter video and I tried to explain Easter to them and read them a book that evening on Easter. It's a hard concept for little kids to grasp because they think Jesus died that night, not 2,000-plus years ago.

We had a bday party for a friend and a great time and I got to get a swim in at the Rec Center. I was dreading the swim on Saturday before I got there and ended up having a really great swim. I did maybe 1300 yards and did sets of drills that I had from Tracy.

On Sunday we had early church so I made coffee cake the night before and then just cooked it in the morning (good idea for busy days!) We also got the girls dressed and had them find their hidden Easter baskets outside. Their favorite item in the basket was their zoobles that talked. My sis Rachel had gotten Ava zoobles for her bday and the girls love to play with these things!

Brandon's family always had their Easter basket on their table for breakfast. It's so cool how every family has different traditions.

After church at Vista Worthington, we headed to Momma and Poppa Kuhns to relax and finish food to take to our Aunt Rita and Nick's house. We had a great time there eating too much food and playing dutch blitz. My sis Rebecca is on a roll! She is getting really good.

We also honored my grandpa who had his 85th birthday celebration.

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