Friday, April 06, 2012


I got to visit my sister last fall in Denver (running and tri heaven) and run in the beautiful city of Golden with a running club called the Runner's Edge of the Rockies. Colorado and places like Golden and Boulder have a lot of triathletes due to the terrain for training and altitude. And because it's pretty much one of the most beautiful places to live. Blah. Jessie - no fair. :)

Of course they have Jamba Juice. It's heaven. Why wouldn't they?  Jamba Juice with cutie Jessie, who got the much better smoothie. 

Post long-run ice baths in mountain streams? You mean you slum it in your bathtub?

The running club shared a link to the interview on a daily news show that featured the triathlete who "Lanced" Lance Armstrong in the final seconds of Ironman Texas 70.3.

Ironman Texas 70.3

I can imagine Lance will never let this happen again. Or any elite for that matter --thinking he was in sixth place he was almost to the finish line when he was passed in the final moments. Ouch.

Have you ever raced to the finish line and passed someone? I always run as fast as I can because I just want it to be OVER in any race. I don't hear people shouting or see anyone cheering unless I am running pregnant. :)

During my training runs, I will race the last .30 yards or so and try to get a certain number on my garmin (6-minute miles or so). When I hit six I let myself stop.

Do you have any training things you do? Have you ever got "Lanced"?

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