Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Working out while pregnant

Keeping the exercising routine strong
As soon as I tested positive for being pregnant, I was quick to make sure what kind of exercises I could do at the gym or outside. Here's what I have found that works for me.

Before you do any workout, assess your current physical condition. Are you someone who exercises for 5-7 hours per week or 2? Or none?

Did you know that studies have found that exercising will even help jog your memory and stimulate nerve cells in your brain? A great plus when dealing with prego brain!

Never try to increase duration, intensity, or decrease weight while pregnant.

For me, I exercise about 3-4 times per week. I run, strength train, TRX, hike, walk and swim laps.

While running outside, I wear a garmin and run no faster than 11 min miles. I read this somewhere online and it's usually about right for my heart rate (I try not to go above 150-155). While running inside, I usually run on a treadmill so I just check it periodically while I am running. I usually think about how I want to run that marathon and how this is helping me keep my mileage up.

I drink lots of water (8 ounces every 20 min if recommended) and sometimes even pop candy for sugar since I feel really hungry after mile 2.5 or so. Like today, I ate 5 M&Ms.

Strength training includes arms, legs, lunges, some machine work, and always dips because it's nice to have your arms toned while prego.

Really, working out is a great stress reliever and helps you feel normal. My doctor has given me the go ahead to run (not more than 5 or so miles at a time) and thinks it helps!

At TRX class, I have to modify some exercises since you are not supposed to lie on your back or do ab rotations. I usually just stretch or do leg lifts.

Pregnancy yoga was amazing at 20 weeks or so because it helped my poor hips feel normal again. Highly recommend!

Hope this helps you as you enjoy exercising while pregnant!

This is just my personal opinion and not a doctors recommendation.

What's your favorite way to exercise?

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