Monday, November 28, 2011

16 weeks today!

Pardon the large photo. I snagged it off Facebook since I haven't taken my 200-plus pictures off of it yet. Fifteen weeks looked like this: throwing up, throwing up, nauseous and throwing up so hard I popped blood vessels in my face. After a long drive home I think the car sickness just stayed with me. I have never been that sick. Hopefully it's my last hurrah before week 16 (today!).

The girls really enjoyed getting to spend Thanksgiving with Momma and Poppa Shmidt, Troy, Christina and Cale. And seeing Grandma Chambers and Uncle Dave. While we visited them we ate tons, watched the Muppet movie (grade of B-), and hiked and feed animals at the nature center. I have the cutest photo of Ava banging a bell and Sophia holding her nose at the pig pen. "What's that smell Mom?," she kept saying.

Brandon and I went on an almost 3 mile trail run that was beautiful, except for a crazy muskrat who was swimming right toward us. Since I am pregnant, the pace was pretty slow. The ups and downs of the trails were hard to climb.

Ava and Sophia got to share a bed and slept all night without waking up. They did great! And they loved playing "Don't Break the Ice" with Cale. We left Friday night at 5 pm to miss traffic and got home before 10:30! The next day we went to Ethan's bowling party with pizza and a Transformers cake. He was so cute. He turned five and is such a little man.

Sunday Ava and I had some mommy and Ava time and went to run a couple of errands together. Then we put up our Christmas tree (Brandon and Ava) and ornaments (me and girls).

Sadly,we have probably had four ornaments broken already from little Sophia's clutches. :)

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