Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More pics from Colorado

I never got a chance to load all of the pictures from my time in Colorado. We have been super busy and now we are catching up on house things and blogging!

During my trip, we visited Jamba Juice, a cowboy store for the girls (red for ava and pink for soph) and went out to eat with Jessie and Lydia. Those sweet potato fries were amazing.
Brandon was amazing and took the girls everywhere.
Thanks to both Momma and Poppa Kuhns for watching the girls overnight and Nana and Poppa Shmidt for coming down and helping Brandon.

I came back and said, "I need one of these weeks every year!" and he just groaned. But really, it was so rejuvenating to get a little break and see Jessie and Nick and the kids. Sister trips next! Highly recommend to any mom to get some great downtime! The girls loved being with Brandon and he enjoyed his one-on-one time with them. FaceTime through our Apple helped me say goodnight to the girls every night.

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