Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Becoming a fab grocery shoppa

Am I a die-hard eco friendly consumer? Not always, but what counts most to me is making sure we try to buy things that save my family money so I can use it for fun things. And that our family takes care of our resources.

My mom and dad used to plant trees for our big events like birthdays or anniversaries. I love that idea.

Here are some ideas for you to become a fab grocery shoppa:
  • Ditch your sandwich bags for mason jars as containers for pasta salad, milk for kiddos instead of horizon milk from starbucks, ice coffee, etc.
  • Purchase bulk items like beans, pastas, spices, and labeling them.
  • Grow your own lettuce, peas, etc. Cold weather veggies are easier to grow and you can sow seeds in spring/fall.
  • Splurge on items you get most taste like rich 60 or 70 percent chocolate, craft beer (mmm), San Marzano tomatoes, big chunks of parm since pre-shredded cheese that has enzymes on them (thank you Adrienne, I never knew that!--Mom, you were right to buy big chunks of cheese to shred), etc
  • Have a veggie, sandwich, or frittata night once a week and use up all of your leftovers. Make this amazing banana ice cream with old bananas - it looks yummy.
  • Buy a camelbak or water container and tote your own water (unless your at the airport). Did you know water is being called the Blue Gold of the 21st century? Most companies use tap water and filter it in their plants. Hey, that's just wrong.
  • Make our own jelly if we have time.
  • Pack snacks ahead of time for your kids or when you are on the go. I cut up carrots or fruit and put it on a plate on the bottom shelf of fridge if I have time so the girls can help themselves to veggies.
  • Buy tomato paste in that toothpaste disp. so you don't waste.
  • Freeze leftover wine in ice cubes for risotto or a stew.
  • Use veggie bags like ice packs.
  • Use herbs like lemon balm, mint, basil (Olivia's fav), or citrus to add flavor to your water.
  • Buy a whole coconut like Faith from Gracefulfitness instead of one serving of coconut water if it's affordable.
  • Make your own cookies instead of buying them. Invest in a cookie scooper, this will change your baking world. Seriously love this thing. Culinary Institute of America Cookie/Small Scoop - 24412
Most of all, don't sweat it. Have fun with it and see how much more you can do with less.
What are you ideas? How do you save money by buying smart?

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