Wednesday, August 24, 2011

12 miler

On Saturday I ran 12 miles for my last long run before my race. I felt awesome and had a great time running it with Jess and her stepdad Rob. They did about 10 and I went ahead and did my 12-12.5 miles at a 9:41 pace. I felt awesome and could have pushed more, but wanted to try to make sure I didn't run it too fast. We started at 7 am and then headed back and joined the Columbus Running Company in Dublin at 8 am. They have a free club and water stops and a fun way to get your long runs in.

At that last mile my foot hurt a little, but I felt overall really strong. I drank half gatorade, half water. My fuel was two gels and 3 lifesavers (mint). I did eat a half bagel at 7 miles when we went back to the CRC. Fuel was perfect this time and starting earlier was so nice. It wasn't so hot. And I got some sweet new shoes and a new hairband that I love to keep my hair back. Don't you love the baby pool ice bath idea? It's was awesome because outside it was 80 degrees!

But, it's Wed and my foot hurts like a motha. It's my heel and outside of the foot.

Please say it's not the dreaded PF. I have a race in two weeks. So I have been using the RICE method (Rest, ice, you know the drill) to help and Brandon gave my calves a great massage last night. Supposedly if you are suffering from foot pain it's usually tied to cramped or tight leg muscles.

On Tuesday I had an epic workout fail. I woke up at 5 am to run 6 miles before Brandon went to work. I had everything laid out and was out the door and tried to run. Nothing. I was limping down the road for about .35 miles. I heard people running behind me and I tried to run, but my right foot hurt so badly I couldn't make it happen.

In all of my years running, I have never ever had to stop running. However, I would rather make sure I am healthy and have a long term approach then a short term approach. That evening I was heading to our pool to swim laps and guess what? It's closed for the season. Epic fail.

So I went on a beautiful hour bike ride and did about 10 or so miles on the road and trails. It's gorgeous here now and the trails are lush and green. Don't judge me though if I silently look at runners passing my window and mutter under my breath.

Brandon was really sweet and prayed for my foot. Not sure if it will feel better by next weekend, but I guess just take it one day at a time.

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