Friday, April 01, 2011

Swimming and Snow

This Tuesday I took the girls swimming at the rec center, which is one of their favorite activities -- Ava loves swimming in the lazy river. And Sophia loves floating on her back in the shallow end.
 Snuggle sisters
 Ava and Sophia and their new beach towels.
 Swimming and then snow? That's hilarious! C'mon really. It's snowing?
 That's just too funny.
Sophia kept yelling at me, "Mom! Mom! Your hair!" because I had a hat of snow.

After doing my speed work. I tried to beat Brandon's mile repeats where he finished the last mile at 6:48, but didn't quite make it. I was sucking wind after not running hard for three weeks.

I did the following:
Our plan called for 8:20 mile repeats

Mile 1 7:44 mile
Mile 2 7:36 mile
Mile 3- started at 8 and ended at 6:48 minute mile
Brandon did a 6:48 mile for a whole mile. Whoo fast.

I was happy with it. We totaled seven miles and did four the next day. Saturday is our refresh weekend and we only have five. The next Saturday we do 10! After running for around a year I am finally somewhat enjoying running and finding that it's not so gut wrenching hard. It's still hard, but I feel more comfortable with my form and doing longer runs.

Brandon is kicking butt. Seriously, his bike training really helped him in the long distance runs. He is def. motivating me to run faster and push myself harder.

We both think it's cool that we are doing the half marathon on our eight-year anniversary weekend. It just worked out like that - so fun.

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