Saturday, April 02, 2011

Five mile run

This morning Brandon and I did five miles at Glacier Ridge Park for our long run. It's a "refresh" week on our half-marathon plan so we got off easy this week.

I realized once we got to the park that I forgot my garmin, but we just used runkeeper- which is not my favorite, but I had fun being our pace girl. Brandon likes to just run and I have to know what pace I am doing at all times.

This was our longest run together and minus my multiple stops to blow my nose, we had a good time.

We did the five around a 9:37 m/pace and were happy with our time and how we felt.

Oh man, when we finished in the 38 degree temps my hands were so cold I had to hand my phone to Brandon to dial mom who was watching the girls.

Thank goodness for Panera bagels and coffee! And Momma and Poppa Kuhns for watching the girls who had a blast.

Thanks Mom.

Glacier Ridge pre-run
 Brandon, aka tough guy, who didn't wear tights...He said he was so cold when we stopped running.

 So cold my hands were red...Can't wait until Summer. We stretched on the deck afterwards.

Brandon asleep on the car ride on the way home.

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Brandon said...

"the tough guy" Is that really what I called myself? ha