Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Friday!

Our friend Amy had the girls and I over today for a playdate. They made these nifty crowns today. 

With pom poms. 

And stickers. What kid doesn't love stickers. 

"There's a cat!" "And a dog!"

"Thank you for stopping through our drive-through window." "You want cheese with that?"

Cookie scooper, you make my job so easy. 
I made some madeleines this week and they were so good. I love dunking them in my afternoon coffee. Why? All you need in your pantry is eggs, butter, flour and vanilla. And some lemon zest if you have it.

You can find madeleine tines online at William-Sonoma. Their site also suggests cooking biscuits or corn bread in the tin, which I can't wait to try. So cute.
You will want to eat this as soon as you make them. They are better fresh.  
Even though the pan is non-stick, butter the pan with butter on a paper towel. Make sure you get all of the little cracks and that you add enough butter, but not so much that it leaves clumps behind. The butter helps brown the cookies. 

Easy weeknight salmon! First, salt and pepper salmon and swirl a little veggie oil or olive oil on top. In a hot pan, sear fish flesh side down first until white reaches middle of fish. Flip fish and pop in 400 degree oven for 5 minutes to finish cooking. We had this with southwest pasta salad and asparagus. 

Squeeze some fresh lemon wedges on top. Mmm! Finish with a sprinkle of kosher salt. Two salmon dinners for under $11? Score!

I might have pulled something in my right knee because our frozen fruit bags have been getting some use. Hopefully, it's just a strain because Brandon and I have 10 miles to run tomorrow. 

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